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If you are budgeting for ordering window and door products, it is important to research the cost composition of window and door products, as many factors can affect door and window prices, depending on the following factors:
If you want to compare the cost of windows like-for-like, you need a full quote that factors in all requirements to see who really offers the best value.

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We hope to provide you with cost-effective custom door and window solutions

We are a custom door and window factory in China with 16 years of experience, so we will provide you with the best price and service. Maybe, you may have multiple suppliers to compare, and at the same time when comparing product prices, you also need to consider To the relevant productquality, to ensure long-term cooperation with our customers.

Description of the increase in customization costs:

Customized doors and windows with special shapes:

The special size of doors and windows (hyperlink to BLOG window and door special-shaped) customization will increase your purchasing cost, so it is recommended that you purchase regular shapes;

Color customization:

Custom colors other than stock colors (hyperlinks to BLOG stock colors) require additional related color customization fees;

Oversized glass customization:

If the area is greater than 6 square meters, the customization of large-size glass that exceeds the ROPO's regular size standard will increase your customization cost;

Special development:

When the existing door and window profiles cannot meet your needs, you need to customize the development of abrasives according to your special needs;

How to help you save money reasonably:
PTA countries, such as the Australian Certificate of Origin, can help you save import duties.
Order by order:
When your doors and windows cannot fill the whole cabinet, it is recommended that you order door and window products together with your friends to save shipping costs.
Color ordering:
Try to choose white and our ROPO stock color as far as possible to avoid the increase of additional purchase cost.
Standard size ordering:
Trying to customize the standard size can also save you money.

ROPO according to the customer's product needs, budget, quality requirements, we match reasonable quotations

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TIPS Instructions For Price Issues

We hope to provide you with cost-effective custom door and window solutions

1.Why not show the average price of doors and windows on our website?

The second most popular question we get asked is, why not show prices on your website? The reason for this is because most of our pvc/vinyl floors are custom made to precisely meet your specific requirements.

We have over 1,000 different styles to choose from to produce the perfect floor you want. As you can imagine, trying to add a price list that covers all of these options is difficult because we don't average.

2.Special product price description:

(A) Why is uPVC with color more expensive than white windows?

(B) Passive house doors and windows are more expensive.

(C) Aluminum alloy products need to be re-molded, we do not have ready-made abrasive tools

3.What are the problems with purchasing cheap products?

(1) Increase in after-sales cost: The price of doors and windows of the same industry may seem cheap at first, but if your customer finds problems after a few months of installation, this may increase your after-sales cost and may cause customer loss;

(2) Poor quality windows expose you to the following risks:

  • * Scratches on new frame and glass
  • *Inexpensive uPVC will warp over time
  • *Incorrect frame size, requires over-expanded foam to force fit
  • *Poor installations that cause moisture, leaks or drafts
  • *Double glass desiccant - double glass seal fails and debris gets between glass
  • *Condensation between glass due to poor sealing
  • *Fading on frame

In general, a bad aesthetic can quickly look shabby

(3) The level of energy efficiency determines household expenditure: poor energy-saving effects of doors and windows (insulation and thermal insulation) will increase household expenditure

How To Measure A High-quality Door And Window Supplier?

We hope to provide you with cost-effective custom door and window solutions


Main concerns are AS2047, AS/NZS2208, AS/NZS4666, WERS, AGWA, CodeMark, NZS4211


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